What Value Does WordCamps Add?

I’m excited to begin my 2nd year organizing WordCamp Mumbai. While I started out as an attendee, being part of the organizing committee of WCMumbai has changed my whole aspect of WordCamp & Meetups in the span of two years.

I used to feel meetups are for networking purpose only, and a huge waste of time, money, and energy. I also used to think that meetups have no place for an introvert or someone like me. It all changed when I joined WordCamp meetups 3 years ago.  I am so proud to say that last year in 2016, it was my first ever WordCamp Mumbai, as I was an attendee, volunteer, and organizer.  I learned a lot, and in turn made some good friends.

Moments From WCMumbai 2016
Moments From WCMumbai 2016

WordCamp meetups are more about meeting like minded people and learning new things. Here are some of the important things I’ve learned.

  • Learn something new in the WordPress field
  • Exchange & share knowledge
  • Interact with experts in the WordPress field
  • Get a direction / solution for your WordPress problem(s)
  • Make new friends
  • Get noticed and recognized for your work

Once people get to know you, you build a relationship with them where they notice you and your work in turn, you get a better employment opportunity.

I always thought these kind of networking events are always successful abroad and not in our home country. But on the day of WCMumbai 2016, I was pleasantly surprised to see huge number of locals, Indians from other cities and International citizens coming together under one roof for the love of the WordPress.

You too can come in and join our vibrant community by giving your valuable time. I am referring to contribute in terms of:

  • Attending WordPress meetups
  • Join us as volunteers to help in organizing the event
  • Help bloggers in resolving their WordPress related queries
  • Finding sponsors
  • Finalizing speakers
  • Making sure the event is conducted peacefully
  • Help in design aspect
  • Help in finding good swags for our lovely attendees
  • And the most importantly spreading the news and regular updates of WCMumbai on different social media channels

Attending WordCamp helps each individual to increase their scope of knowledge and interact with Indian and foreign business owners. They get to see the world of WordPress from a different perspective.

Here are some of my suggestions who are using WordPress:

  • Build websites for clients or
  • Sell products and services or
  • Monetize WordPress driven website to sell other people’s products
  • Develop WordPress theme and plugins or
  • For bloggers to connect and increase their client list

An event like this adds value to you in one way or the other. So it is a must to attend or encourage your employers to attend one WordCamp in their life. See you there!

Moments From WCMumbai 2016
Moments From WCMumbai 2016

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